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We need your help

We have several permanent fosters in our care who are unable to be adopted due to health conditions.


Meet Spud Nik. We call him Spud. Spud came into rescue on 4/3/23. A good Samaritan found him in her garage, he was so hungry he was eating a bag of fertilizer. Spud came to us with terrible skin and very skinny. Although he looked bad he was a spunky guy. He was found in the Panhandle and we had a foster in Orlando so now we needed to figure out how to get him there. We reached out to Pilots for Paws. This is a volunteer organization that works with rescue to transport dogs long distances in their airplanes. Spud was flown into a small airport in Palatka, FL and was transported to his foster in Orlando.
These fosters took him for his initial vet visits and we got him stabilized. We found out that Spud had Cushing's disease, ear mites, worms, we had no idea the last time he had vaccines. Spud was also taken to a heart specialist after visiting his regular vet who determined something did not sound right with his heart. Spud has a grate V/VI heart murmur. Spud was also having some stomach issues. We started him on medication for his heart , gave him his vaccines, dewormed him and starting feeding him.
We then found a permeant foster for him, due to all of his health conditions we did not feel anyone would adopt him. Boy did he hit the jackpot with his foster Joan. She loves this little guy with all her heart. Once we got him in with Joan we settled in with a vet in her area Westshore Animal Hospital and Dr. Alexis de Galle. Dr. de Galle diagnosed him with a skin condition called calcinosis cutis which is due to his Cushing's disease, she confirmed his heart murmur. She started him on a prescription diet, de wormed him again, gave him a probiotic, treatment for his skin. We now monitor Spuds Cushing's disease with a blood test to be sure he is on the right dose of medication, he goes to a heart specialist to monitor his heart condition's. On this last check up with the cardiologist they determined he has a tumor pressing on his heart. At this time we are monitoring this with a check up by the cardiologist every 4 months, which includes an echo cardiogram and x-rays. Spud is flourishing he has gained weight, his coat is shinny. His foster Joan brings him to work with her every day and he has become the office greater. Even though he has been through all of this he is the friendliest , most loving little guy. Spuds expenses include his heart meds , Cushing's meds, prescription diet and probiotics for a total of $415.00 per month. This does not include his regular vet visits and his follow ups with the cardiologist. The average cardiologist visit is approx. $750.00. His Cushing's rechecks run approx. $300-400. This is what your donations can help us with. Without your generosity we could have never turned this little guys life around. We appreciate every donation we receive.

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