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In addition to fostering and sponsorship, Boston Terrier Rescue of Florida, Inc. offers a variety of volunteer opportunities based on each volunteer’s unique strengths and interests.


You decide how you want to help and how much time you want to volunteer.

Fundraise & Events

Do you like meeting and greeting people? Would you like the opportunity to make new friends? If you have the gift of gab you would be perfect here. There are lots of moving parts in events and fundraisers so we are pretty sure there is a need you can fill. 


We always need help with transportation covering three states: Florida, Georgia (eastern), and Tennessee. Our transportation needs vary from short trips to pick up Bostons from the local shelter or to the vet as well as longer, interstate trips. The latter, are usually accomplished by having a number of volunteers each drive a leg – of around 50 miles – to take the Boston to his/her final destination. Short trips or long trips, we need your help.

Review Applications

New fosters and potential adopters complete applications that need to be reviewed and approved prior to adopting or fostering a new Boston. Moreover, our volunteers regularly perform home visits to ensure that our Bostons are going to a safe place. These tasks involve a lot of attention to detail and requires a bit of training. However, it is gratifying to know that you helped place one of our furbabies in a great home.

Social Media

Our Rescue has three different Facebook pages: our main page, our senior centers page and our volunteer page.  Additionally, we maintain Instagram, Twitter and our Website. It can be daunting trying to keep up with postings, general information, special events and following individual furbabies through the rescue process to adoption. Many postings need to be shared between the sites and all of that takes time we don’t always have.


Are you highly organized and articulate? We have various teams that could use your help with basic office and other business skills. Keeping lists of donors, sending thank you notes, helping with the newsletter, updating protocols, mass mailings, and the list goes on and on.


We need two types of trainers: dog trainers and human trainers. First, we need experienced dog trainers to help us prepare our foster dogs for their new life. Dog trainers can also teach our foster homes how to deal with each furbaby’s particular needs. Finally, we also need volunteers who can help train our new foster homes regarding our Rescues protocols, policy and procedures.


Mentors are critical for our Senior for Senior Program (S4S). This program matches Senior Bostons with Senior Citizens who have limited financial resources. The senior dog becomes a permanent member of the family, but just like our regular foster program, we pay for vetting and medication. All adoption fees are waived. The mentor maintains close contact to help with health and other issues to assure our dog’s continued well being

Photography & Graphic Art

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” We need great pictures – especially if they are enhanced with graphics or artwork – to share on facebook and to post our furbabies for adoption. Brochures, posters, special events all need that professional touch to make a real statement.

Whew! Won't you help?

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